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All The Questions You Never Knew Where To Ask … ANSWERED

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Tired of the fluff in the BDSM lifestyle?

It’s Time for Real Answers.

Are you:

Frustrated by the surface level education and advice that’s rife inside the BDSM scene?

Done reading all the blogs, watching all the YouTube videos and still having unanswered questions?!
Tired of not having anyone to go to and get some real-life nitty gritty advice from.

If that sounds familiar, you need The Mentoring Bundle!

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Why The Mentoring Bundle is The
Answer to All of Your Questions (Really!)

We’re skipping the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ and going straight to the ‘how’ so you can implement ASAP.

You finally get a chance to ask all your burning questions privately, no need to feel embarrassed.

You’ll have the opportunity to get the perspective of both a Dom and a sub through private chat and voice messaging.

All of this so you can:

Ditch the generalized instructions and get personalized, real-life advice to finally put what you’re learning into practice.

Overcome the one or two hurdles and walk away with a real action plan to make serious progress as a Dom or a sub.
Improve your relationships and make your sex life a whole lot kinkier.

Sounds good? Here’s what’s included
The Mentoring Bundle:

10 exclusive TRAININGS and 2 days of private coaching with a full-time Dom and sub!

The 10 TOPICS we’ll COVER on video for you:

What to do when your partner is more experienced than you?

How to balance you and your partner’s needs and wants when it comes to the 24/7 D/s dynamic.
How to implement Total Power Exchange in a dynamic.
How to balance nurturing from a perspective of real-life care giver and allowing yourself to be nurtured as a submissive.
What are some effective discipline ideas for a masochistic sub in an LDR?
How can we restart quickly after letting the dynamic slip?
How to implement degradation during a scene and outside the bedroom as well?
How to train a submissive to be more enthusiastic when given instructions?
How to navigate a break up, even if you still engage in kink activities together?
What are ideas for how to still embrace my inner little even when I have to feel & act & be like an adult for so much of my day?

These are the 10 most asked questions from our group coaching program and now for a very limited time available to you as part of The Mentoring Bundle! As soon as you join, you get instant access to these recordings. (Closed captions are available)

And 2 Days of Private Coaching to Finally
Get All of Your Other Questions Answered

Here’s how this works:

On 2 different days, you get to ask us all of your questions through private text and voice message! As a full-time Dom and sub couple we’ve coached over thousands of kinksters just like you. And now you can ask us anything. How these private coaching days works:

You download the free Voxer app to your phone and create an account (you can stay anonymous if you’d like).

Text or voice note us your questions during the Private Coaching days.
You have 11 hours in total where we can message back and forth, so you can go to work, run errands, and use it no matter your timezone.
With a free account you can listen back to the messages for 30 days and you can also download the responses directly to your device.
Basically, it’s an incredible way to get 1-on-1 feedback and advice without having to show up for a call or give us your phone number. Our mentees love it!

All yours for just $400 $99 until Cyber Monday ends!


Here’s what other kinksters
had to say about our coaching:

“I absolutely love how grounded and knowledgeable you both are.  It’s the best and highest form of education and sharing.


“I would like to say that I found your messages very helpful and encouraging. I received truly useful feedback that was directly on point. Thank you for such wonderful advice, I am already seeing the effects.”


“Thank you for the detailed answer to these questions!  It can be really hard to filter through the noise of social media and the internet in regards to topics such as these, especially when you’re relatively new to BDSM and eager to learn..”


“I really enjoy our discussions. It’s nice to hear feedback and encouragement, tips and ideas. 


Meet Your Mentors

We’re a full time Dom/sub couple in a monogamous marriage

With a couple of kids and over a decade of experience in the BDSM community, you could say we’ve seen and heard it all!

Through online courses, free articles, a training community, and more, our work has helped over 40,000 kinksters like you, live the lifestyle they always wanted.

We put together this bundle by taking our top 10 questions from the Mastermind this year and packaged our answers together so you can quickly put our advice to work in your life.

When we started out over a decade ago, we would’ve loved to have someone to ask our personal questions to… discreetly! That’s why we added in the 2 days of private coaching through Voxer.

And now you can get access to all of that for just $400 $99.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Only

Get The Mentoring Bundle for just $400 $99

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the 10 training recordings?

You’ll get access to the videos for one year, but they are downloadable, so feel free to download them to your devices and keep them forever.

What if I have other questions that aren't answered in the training videos?

That’s what the Voxer private coaching days are for!  You’ll get two days to pop in and privately ask us any questions you have.

How do the Voxer private coaching days work?

Our private coaching happens through Voxer.  Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app where we can exchange voice notes and written messages without sharing our phone numbers. After you sign up for the Mentoring Bundle we’ll send you the dates and times for the 2 days you get to chat with us.  It’s very laid back, and we’ll be available each of the two days for an 11 hour window, so we’ll definitely have some time to chat back and forth… Even if you have to go to work or are in a different timezone.

I’m still a little confused about how the 2 Voxer days with private coaching work.

No problem!  Message us on Voxer and say hi and you can easily see how it works.  (We’re @Domsubliving on there!)

I have another question about The Mentoring Bundle.

Great! Just use the chat box in the bottom right hand corner and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

All yours for just $400 $99 until Cyber Monday ends!

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